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Many Japanese stores will not ship abroad. The ones that will often limit what items they will ship. Even if you are lucky enough to have found a store that will ship what you want to you, you often have limited (and expensive) shipping options. All these problems can be solved, to some extent, by using my re-mailing service. Simply have your items shipped to me in Japan, let me know how you want them shipped to you, and I'll do the rest.

You will be responsible for shipping fees both from the store to me, and from me to you. However, you will have options for how to ship. From lowest rate shipping (that actually uses a ship, and can take months) to to Express Mail Service (which usually takes a few days to a week), there is a shipping method to meet your needs. Please be aware that shipping fees per package are just slightly higher than actual shipping rates (typically between ¥20 to ¥60 higher) to accommodate the regular purchasing of packaging materials.

Pricing for the forwarding of items will be based on total price paid for the item(s) in question as noted in the following chart.

*Many customers (especially in Europe) prefer to have orders split into smaller packages to make it through customs more easily and/or simply to save with the "small packet" shipping option. Typically, our forwarding fee is per box shipped, but that can get quite pricey and negate any savings. On the other hand, if many orders come in at once, we will often combine everything into one lot and charge a lower fee. While this is good for customers, it can cause quite a bit more work for us while charging a lot less.

So, to balance everything, we are currently going to continue to combine value whenever possible to get you the lowest forwarding fee, we will also continue giving the repacking option to keep your shipping low and also help you with customs.

However, one change is that shipment of 3 or more boxes in a single order will now in incur an additional fee of ¥150 per box. Meaning, two boxes ship at the regular fee. Four boxes ship at the regular fee +¥300.

Please use the Submit a Request page to request Forwarding.

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