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You want an item from Japan, you know where to get it, and you know how much it costs?

Send me the link to the item, and I'll handle purchasing and re-mail it to you. The base price for Purchase Service is ¥500 per item.

If the items are all available from the same vendor, it will be only an additional ¥200 per item after the first. (Max fee ¥1500 total)

This service should not be used for Amazon requests as those may be ordered on your own and forwarded. Please visit the Amazon Forwarding Service page for more details.

You will be still be responsible for Forwarding and Shipping Fees both from the store to me, and from me to you as well as the product price. You will have multiple options for how to ship which may help to lower costs. From lowest rate shipping (that actually uses a ship, and can take months) to to Express Mail Service (which usually takes a week or less), there is a shipping method to meet your needs.

Please use the Submit a Request page to request Item Purchase.

If possible, please try to verify that the item you want is available through your stated source. If your item is out of stock, I will refund you and ask you to resubmit via the Item Location Service.
If you see "販売終了" listed in the item description somewhere, that's bad news!
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