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You want an item from Japan, but you don't know where to get it or how much it costs?

Send me pictures of the item, and any information you can provide about it. I'll handle locating*, purchasing, and re-mailing it to you. The price for the Location Service is ¥900 for the first item and ¥500 for each additional item made at the same time. Although I'll do my best to get you a good price, Japan (and the internet) being a big place, I can make no guarantee.

In the event your request is found, you will be still be responsible for Forwarding and Shipping Fees both from the store to me, and from me to you as well as the product price. You will have multiple options for how to ship which may help to lower costs. From lowest rate shipping (that actually uses a ship, and can take months) to to Express Mail Service (which usually takes a week or less), there is a shipping method to meet your needs.

Please use the Submit a Request page to request Item Location and Purchase.

*Sometimes requested items can be nearly impossible to find even here at the source due to scarcity.

Requested items will be actively searched for for 7 days. If unfound, they will remain on a list for 23 more days and, every time I make a shopping trip or am being offered items, I will look for your request.
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