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Purchasing items from Amazon Japan or any other website is very simple and easy! Use the Products link at the top of this page to gain easy access to a large amount of pre-selected items. While the interface is mostly in Japanese, the order process is exactly the same as it is on English Amazon sites!

**Some users have reported that their U.S. account info works right off the bat while others have said it does not. Give it a shot first and, if not, just click the option button above the the password field and it will walk you through the registration process. You can even click the "In English" link in the upper right hand corner of the main page to make things easier.**

Once you have found an item you would like to pick up from my Products page, feel free to continue to browse Amazon Japan as it will all fall under the same order.

The key issue is that most products are not offered to be shipped outside of Japan and that is where I come in to help you.

Below, you will find instructions on how to place an order yourself through Amazon Japan for delivery to me. You will then be responsible for Forwarding and Shipping Fees to get the items to you. Aside from that, there is no additional service fee for ordering your items yourself via my links!

Basic Amazon Set-up:

If you do not yet have an Amazon account for your home country, go and set one up now... I'll wait...

Welcome back!

First things first. Access Amazon Japan through this link. From there, you will sign in and navigate to your account section so that you may add an address for shipping within Japan. This is a one-time process (at least until we move again).

Under Your Account, click Manage Your Address Book in the Account Settings section.

Then click Add Japanese Address.

Input the following information:

In order to make things even more efficient, please feel free to begin adding your own name to the delivery field rather than mine. This will make it easier to sort through orders as they arrive.

*NOTE* Your address should be the billing address, as that is how they charge your credit card.

Having trouble entering the Japanese? Now with 100% more copy/pastiness!



Now that you have that completed, you may shop and add any items you would like to your order. Once you are ready, just go ahead and check out.

If you plan to shop Amazon Japan on your own rather than using the links from the Products page, all I ask is that you continue to use my affiliate link which is:


If you could navigate there and make that your regular Amazon Japan bookmark, it will always work. Thanks! 

After receiving your order confirmation from Amazon Japan, please copy all pertinent information (order number, product(s) and estimated delivery date) from the email.

Open a new request through the Submit A Request link at the top of the page. Click Submit new Service Request, entitle your request Amazon Order "############", change the request type to Mail Forwarding.

Paste the necessary information from the Amazon confirmation email into the Description window and submit your request.

Once your item(s) arrive, I will repackage if necessary, weigh, and then send you a final invoice for shipment.

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